EUGAGER - European Citizen Engagement Platform
FP7-ICT-2009-4 - STREP proposal

Proposal Abstract

The evolution of the Internet from static content to user-oriented, dynamic services involves new challenges and opportunities,

In this context, the EUGAGER project consists of research, design and prototype implementation of a web-based, open and secure toolbox for e-government and e-participation tools,

The proposed system will consist of a core (toolbox) providing a basic set of secure primitives (an open Application Program Interface) including those typically needed for the design of complex e governance and e-participation web applications (tools). Moreover, the toolbox will support external tools resting on the toolbox API. The proposed system will enable project stakeholders (governments, SMEs, non-profit organizations and existing e-participation/e-government free/open source communities) to make the system evolve by creating new .tools and eventually constitute an ecosystem for citizens engagement.

Citizen engagement will be greatly encouraged by EUGAGER Indeed, it will provide: 1) advanced and usable tools for knowledge learning, interpretation, sharing and creation; 2) a flexible authentication mechanism ensuring privacy; 3) trusted tools that allow citizens to verify that their inputs are correctly taken into account in application results.

On the other hand, EUGAGER will be a powerful tool for governments: 1) powerful knowledge filtering helps governors to meet citizens will; 2) certified secure API ensures the toolbox against misuse and malicious attacks. Moreover, planned case studies dissemination and exploitation will increase government awareness about ICT impact on democracy. The involvement of the Italian Government (presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri) in the EUGAGER project will allow to put the foundations for a wide European collaboration, also stimulating other governments to join the network, thus enlarging the community of EUGAGER platform users.